Buddleia – Commissions in Public Space

Buddleia is a new commissioning agency for art and public space, based in Manchester, England. Named after the persistent purple shrub that takes root in any urban setting, Buddleia, is interested in artist-led enquiry into urban environments and creating space for conversations to happen between artists and different communities. Buddleia, is run by the independent Curator, Kerenza McClarnan.

Buddlleia’s inaugural programme  is set in the area of Cheetham Hill, North Manchester.  Central to Buddleia’s approach is establishing  long term projects to allow for artist enquiry to be formed by specific locations, whom they meet and engage with. Through the Cheetham Hill Project, it is the intention of Buddleia, to locate and identify itself closely with the area of North Manchester to begin to develop  relationships with the local communities and agencies and invite artists to do the same.

Shop window, Cheetham Hill Road, Neville Gabie

The Cheetham Hill Project  is an initial six month research project. Four artists have been invited to spend an extended period of time to explore what is going on in the area. As part of the project a programme of events, activities and workshops will be held over April, May June to engage with local residents and pilot potential future projects.

The expertise of Buddleia is developing projects with professional artists within community and local settings. Buddleia’s interests lie with encouraging people to take an active role in engaging with their local surroundings.


9 responses to “Buddleia – Commissions in Public Space

  1. great to see this in flo.
    definatelty willl support from the doodlebug side of life

  2. Catherine Hartley

    Hello Kerenza

    I am having problems with the email address you gave me. Please can you contact me via email.

    Catherine Hartley
    Irk Valley Proejct Officer

  3. Would be very interested in mind mapping or suggesting good contacts for you to develop ideas and suggestions by both young and older poeople. I am full time employed though in June I will be completely free when I take maternity leave.

    If I can help in anyway please get in contact.

    • Aimee Banay

      Wow- all sounds really exciting and lovely!I’m very interested in the wild food walk…
      And ……
      Robina Shah- hello!! Do you remember me? I did a couple of Muslim Jewish women’s events a 2/3 years ago…. Congratulations on your pregnancy and i hope you and the family are all very well and happy xxxxxx

  4. Hiya – I saw this http://www.futureeverything.org/ and thought this is right up your alley.

  5. Andy Farrell

    Great to see Buddleia budding in time for the spring. No doubt hoards of butterflies will come to feast upon it’s sweet nectar.

    A great project


  6. Laurie Peake

    Just what Manchester’s been waiting for.
    Sorry I can’t be with you for the launch but looking forward to seeing it flourish!

  7. m a barnes-wynters

    a well enjoyed launch full of warmth and genuine folk.look forward to may/june programme

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