Artist Visit

Since January 2010 Buddleia has been very busy spending time in Cheetham Hill meeting lots of different people and finding out what’s going on.

On the 12 March the Buddleia’s invited artists Alison Kershaw, Neville Gabie and Jai Redmond (unfortunately Can Altay was opening an exhibition in Istanbul that day) spent a day together going around Cheetham Hill area and meeting some people.

A gardners archive, Emilo Degisi, Cheetham & Crumpsall Allotments - Neville Gabie

The day started early with visiting the inspirational Neapolitan Emilio Deglisi, the president of the Cheetham and Crumpsall Allotment Society, who showed us around the impressive allotment site including his own particular plot. Although dormant with the delayed spring, Emilio showed  us the vast variety of produce he nurtures from his hand cultivated soil. With Emilio’s forty years experience there was not much he couldn’t tell us about nurturing your own food.

A tour or Jewish Museum on Cheetham Hill Road introduced the history and background to this important immigration of people over the years of the Industrial Revolution. Much of the wealth, buildings and identity of the Cheetham Hill area was established by the Jewish community and businesses based there. Although much of the community has moved on to other areas now the residual influence can undoubtedly still be felt.

The Welcome Centre has become one of my favourite places to visit whenever I am in the area. Open on Thursday afternoons and all day Fridays, The Welcome Centre is a drop in where people can meet, accesses advice and also be fed. We as a group went there for lunch. The Welcome Centre is one of the best examples of a truly community project, it is well attended the space is open and friendly and people from all backgrounds genuinely mix.

The last part of our agenda was a meeting with Julie Goreham from Northwards Housing who showed us around the different estates they manage and introduced us to Anne, Chair of their residents panel.


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