The saga continues

Anyone who has known about this project over the last few months has known that my biggest frustration has been not being able to secure a location to run this project from.

My initial proposal and the basis of my funding was to temporarily take over an empty shop unit along Cheetham Hill/ Bury Old Road so the project was located at the heart of the activity and street life of the area. My first sights were on Woolworths, not only a fantastic location but also an icon of the recession. I quickly discovered that shops in do not stay empty for very long in Cheetham Hill, although the Woolworth’s site is still unoccupied the incoming tenants are not far off.

This has become quite an interesting misconception of mine about the area and the state of the micro economy for this part of town. Shop spaces are in demand and not only that, the ones that are available are charging extortionate high rents or are simply not interested in a three month artist led community project funded by the council.Things – it would seem – are booming.

So after approximately 5 months of disappointments, knock backs and mild panic I think I have finally located a space which the landlord has agreed for a three month tenancy. The deal is not signed or sealed yet, but its the closest I have come in whole time I have been searching. If the lease is agreed – and I can’t see how it couldn’t be- I will find out on Monday.



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3 responses to “The saga continues

  1. Hi Kerenza,

    This project looks great – I was wondering what you’d been up to lately! Really looking forward to seeing how it develops. The blog’s a good idea as well – I like how you’re revealing the reality (and frustrations!) of public art commissioning.

    Good luck!

  2. Fiona Gasper

    Hello Kerenza
    I too am enjoying the blog and look forward to following your adventures in Cheetham Hill. Keep my fingers crossed for the space

  3. So how did it go, we’re all waiting with bated breath!

    I’m intrigued by the project, and by Cheetham Hill with it’s mix of communities and, from the POV of a driver going through it’s thorough fares, the apparent segregation. But out of the car I go shopping for Jewish products that can’t be found anywhere else in Mcr and pick up the best priced world foods from pavement shops that feel like overflowing markets. When I’m on the streets I’m part of it. Exciting project ahead I think. Good luck.

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