Secret Garden – Irk Valley Walk

Saturday 10 April was Buddleia’s first event in Cheetham Hill. Led by Joe Wood, the Secret Garden, Irk Valley Walk was a meander along the irk valley  ending up in Angel Meadows on the very edge of town. Blessed with the best day of the year so far the group of intrepid walkers left the Buddleia space at 11am to discover parts of Cheetham Hill and its surrounding areas we all had never been to before.

Joe has been researching this area as part of Architecture Degree at MMU and so had a good knowledge of the area and route. Joe has developed two walks which we have printed up in a leaflet if anyone would like a copy then please let me know.

Throughout the walk we discussed the possibilities and potential of the areas we came across. I was particularly excited to find a huge bank of brambles  –  a blackberry picking session will certainly be on the cards.

Thank you again for all who come along and took part and thanks again to Joe for leading us. I am in discussion with Joe about doing on his second walk maybe later in May or early June, he has a small matter of his dissertation to think about before then – but if we do more info soon.


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