Urban Thinking Forum

As well as exploring the prospect of artists engagement in public spaces, Buddleia is also committed to the underpinning of urbanism to the understanding and development of how we view, use and navigate urban spaces.

To explore this further Buddleia with CUBE is piloting a new initiative called the Urban Thinking Forum. The forum is an open invitation to any one from across the professions, practises and interests to share ideas and information and hopefully inspire and influence change.

The Urban Thinking Forum about taking a long view of what urbanism means to people today and identifying the varied and cross interdisciplinary practises that engage with its complexity.  It is important to see Urbanism as a patchwork of inter-connecting ideas rather then from only one perspective each time .

To join the forum and updates on events go to http://www.urbanthinkingforum.ning.com

The first event for the Urban Thinking Forum is Thursday 6 May

An evening with Carolyn Steel: how food shapes our cities

Urban Thinking Forum @CUBE, Thursday 6 May, 6-8.30pm

To mark the launch of the Urban Thinking Forum – a broad church of creative professionals within an interest in urbanism – the UK’s leading authority on the relationship between food and cities comes to Manchester. Chaired by local urban planner and restaurateur Andy Spracklen, London-based architect and author Carolyn Steel will be talking about her unique book Hungry City and providing fascinating insights on how urban planning and food production and consumption impact each other. She is a seasoned and excellent speaker, always rich in substance and little-known truths, peppered with a dry sense of humour. The forum format will provide plenty of opportunity for discussion across the urbanism spectrum. Further details and how to book at:




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